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Quick Shots #10: Aeonian Extinction 3

Quick Shots #10: Aeonian Extinction

Scheduling issues are prompting another delay of the main episode, so SonOfOdin looks at some newer releases from gothic metal legends Moonspell and technical death metallers Primordium.

Sworn To The Colony's Revocation In 2013 0

Episode #18: Sworn To The Colony’s Revocation In 2013

El Goro and SonOfOdin start out the episode with technical thrash act Revocation. Getting their folk on, it’s time to see the new direction Turisas is exploring. Then it’s off to Denmark to check out a new symphonic Viking metal band called Heidra. Finally, it’s time to get some Gothenburg...


Episode #12: The Master Called For A Lateral Sacrifice

El Goro and SonOfOdin check out some new releases from Finland and England in Gloria Morti and Saxon, and then travel to California to check out unsigned newcomers Oblivion and revisit Metallica’s last album with the late, great Cliff Burton.


Episode #5: Screaming at the Gate of Infinite Magick

El Goro and SonOfOdin tread back into more familiar territories this month with new releases in the American death metal and Italian power metal genres. After that, they get out their d20s and dive into some D&D-themed melodic death. Finally, they don their motorcycle leathers and revisit one of the...