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Quick Shots #21: Magic Vision 0

Quick Shots #21: Magic Vision

SonOfOdin is in a female-fronted doom metal mood this month with new fuzzed-out trippiness from Purson and Psychedelic Witchcraft followed by more traditional doom metal from Worship of Keres

Quick Shots #18: Final Karma 1

Quick Shots #18: Final Karma

SonOfOdin keeps it all closer to home this Quick Shots with some thrash goodness from Cincinnati’s War Curse and some Southern groove from Atlanta’s MuckRaker.

Episode #42: The Highlight of a Class M Supernova 0

Episode #42: The Highlight of a Class M Supernova

El Goro and SonOfOdin are all over the map this month with new releases from Myrkur (Denmark) and The Sword (USA), indie death metal goodness from Sarpentra (Russia), and more black metal enters the Valhalla with Dissection (Sweden).

Quick Shots #14: Curious Pursuit 1

Quick Shots #14: Curious Pursuit

SonOfOdin is in a throwback mood this month as he checks out the newest album from the legendary Pentagram and then glorifies the Unholy One with some new occult goodness from Ghost.

Quick Shots #9: Winter Sacrament 0

Quick Shots #9: Winter Sacrament

SonOfOdin keeps it all in the USA this time around, first with the sophomore release from the previously-featured indie band, Thorr-Axe, and the first full-length album from the blackened death act Emblazoned.

Ragnaröktoberfest 0

Side Stage September 20, 2014: Ragnaröktoberfest!

The Side Stage contains infrequent music-centric podcasts to hold you over between regular episodes. To salute the German Oktoberfest (September 20 – October 5, 2014), SonOfOdin thought it would be a good idea to showcase some fine metal tunes about drinking. Of course, he was drinking when he came up...