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Episode #54: Last Four Loads From the Realms of Darkness 0

Episode #54: Last Four Loads From the Realms of Darkness

Rock-Lobster Johnson pinch-hits this month to discuss new albums from Sabaton, Darkher, and the Vivaldi Metal Project. SonOfOdin takes things into the gutter with deathgrind act Full Frontal Face Fuckers before gushing like a fangirl over Liv Kristine and her first band, Theatre of Tragedy.

Episode #27: Heroes Killed the Scumdogs' Lives at Dawn 0

Episode #27: Heroes Killed the Scumdogs’ Lives at Dawn

El Goro and SonOfOdin serve up another bonus-sized episode this month starting out with Sabaton’s latest album, following it up with the supergroup Killer Be Killed and the newest incarnation of Prong. They return to the Land Down Under with Australia’s Gorefield. Finally, as a salute to the late Dave...


Episode #3: The Demolition of Alpha Carolus Seven

El Goro and SonOfOdin indulge in a multinational feast of metal. The main course consists of Swedish power metal and a double-sized helping of Portuguese experimental metal with some Australian groove metal on the side. For dessert, a California thrash act inadvertantly creates a top-level metal subgenre.