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Quick Shots #11: Haven's Dawn 1

Quick Shots #11: Haven’s Dawn

SonOfOdin opens the show with a discussion of the recent Delain/Sabaton/Nightwish concert. Then, El Goro discusses Kamelot’s new album while SonOfOdin tackles the latest LP from Unleashed. Finally, two indie alumni, Pseudocidal and Martyrs have some new music to share.


Episode #22: Evil Roots At Peace In Hell

El Goro and SonOfOdin witness the epic battle of Jesus vs. Satan in this episode, pitting quintessential Christian metallers Stryper against the notorious anti-Christian death metal of Deicide. Once the dust clears, it’s time to check out some groove metal from Florida’s Pseudocidal. Lastly, El Goro attempts to convince SonOfOdin...