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Episode #68: Die Burning With Zero Idiosyncracies 0

Episode #68: Die Burning With Zero Idiosyncrasies

CHR welcomes Doug to the show with an episode sure to trip everyone’s “Is this really metal?” alarms. We start with new albums from the Southern/occult rock inspired Diablo Blvd and then see what horror punk icon Doyle is up to. Doug gets thrown into the deep end of the...

Quick Shots #21: Magic Vision 0

Quick Shots #21: Magic Vision

SonOfOdin is in a female-fronted doom metal mood this month with new fuzzed-out trippiness from Purson and Psychedelic Witchcraft followed by more traditional doom metal from Worship of Keres

Quick Shots #14: Curious Pursuit 1

Quick Shots #14: Curious Pursuit

SonOfOdin is in a throwback mood this month as he checks out the newest album from the legendary Pentagram and then glorifies the Unholy One with some new occult goodness from Ghost.

Episode #24: Codex II: Dawn of Metal 0

Episode #24: Codex II: Dawn of Metal

El Goro and SonOfOdin explore the question of “Is this metal?” this month, first with two of the stranger new releases: the a capella stylings of Germany’s Van Canto and Japan’s J-pop/metal hybrid Babymetal. Then it’s back to North America to check out the gothic stylings of Canada’s Unveil and...


Episode #20: The Spiritual Aftershock Of A Vulgar Cacophony

El Goro and SonOfOdin start out with stoner doom/occult rock outfit Bloody Hammers. Then they check out the newest release from speed metal legends Motörhead. To get in the mood for Halloween, goregrind act Clawhammer Abortion fits the bill. Finally, they work out any lingering aggression with Pantera’s most successful...