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Episode #70: Wake From the Seven Nightmares of 1755 0

Episode #70: Wake From the Seven Nightmares of 1755

CHR and Doug mix things up this time around with new albums from gothic pioneers Moonspell, retro-thrashers Power Trip, and the black/power metal hybrid of The Lightbringer. Finally, Doug tries to overcome CHR’s prejudice against the early 2000s metal scene with Lamb of God’s third album.

Quick Shots #10: Aeonian Extinction 3

Quick Shots #10: Aeonian Extinction

Scheduling issues are prompting another delay of the main episode, so SonOfOdin looks at some newer releases from gothic metal legends Moonspell and technical death metallers Primordium.


Episode #3: The Demolition of Alpha Carolus Seven

El Goro and SonOfOdin indulge in a multinational feast of metal. The main course consists of Swedish power metal and a double-sized helping of Portuguese experimental metal with some Australian groove metal on the side. For dessert, a California thrash act inadvertantly creates a top-level metal subgenre.