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Episode #64: Prevail Over Grief at the Rebellion's Apex 0

Episode #64: Prevail Over Grief at the Rebellion’s Apex

It’s all about the ladies this month with new releases from Canadian bands Unleash the Archers and Kobra and the Lotus. SonOfOdin toys with your emotions in the second half of the show with steampunk-themed Japanese girl band Fate Gear followed by the Norwegian take on funeral doom with Funeral’s...

Episode #46: Purple Rot on Noah's Mother 0

Episode #46: Purple Rot on Noah’s Mother

Under the dual specters of Lemmy’s death and the Odinson’s computer issues, El Goro and SonOfOdin welcome in 2016 with new music from Japanese guitar virtuoso Rie a.k.a. Suzaku and progressive sludgemasters Baroness. In the indie segment, they talk about Denver’s Bloodstrike, and Rammstein’s third album enters Metal Valhalla.

Episode #24: Codex II: Dawn of Metal 0

Episode #24: Codex II: Dawn of Metal

El Goro and SonOfOdin explore the question of “Is this metal?” this month, first with two of the stranger new releases: the a capella stylings of Germany’s Van Canto and Japan’s J-pop/metal hybrid Babymetal. Then it’s back to North America to check out the gothic stylings of Canada’s Unveil and...