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Episode #57: Destruction of Decayed Serpent Food 0

Episode #57: Destruction of Decayed Serpent Food

SonOfOdin is joined by Thrashbrowns to discuss the newest Metallica album and the debut from supergroup Serpentine Dominion. With our appetites whetted, it’s time to dive into the delectable offerings of the Food Metal project. Finally, SonOfOdin gets schooling in East Coast thrash with Overkill’s fourth album.

Episode #54: Last Four Loads From the Realms of Darkness 0

Episode #54: Last Four Loads From the Realms of Darkness

Rock-Lobster Johnson pinch-hits this month to discuss new albums from Sabaton, Darkher, and the Vivaldi Metal Project. SonOfOdin takes things into the gutter with deathgrind act Full Frontal Face Fuckers before gushing like a fangirl over Liv Kristine and her first band, Theatre of Tragedy.

Quick Shots #5: Macabre Black Vervain 0

Quick Shots #5: Macabre Black Vervain

SonOfOdin really mixes it up this time around, first with a recap of the Alice Cooper/Mötley Crüe farewell tour, and then reviews of albums by Sweden’s Sister Sin, Norway/Germany’s Liv Kristine, and Singapore’s Flesh Disgorged.


Episode #20: The Spiritual Aftershock Of A Vulgar Cacophony

El Goro and SonOfOdin start out with stoner doom/occult rock outfit Bloody Hammers. Then they check out the newest release from speed metal legends Motörhead. To get in the mood for Halloween, goregrind act Clawhammer Abortion fits the bill. Finally, they work out any lingering aggression with Pantera’s most successful...


Side Stage Oct 16, 2012: Horror Metal!

The Side Stage contains infrequent music-centric podcasts to hold you over between regular episodes. The month of October is upon us, and so is that darkest of holidays, Halloween (or Samhain for you pagans out there)! Because El Goro and SonOfOdin have been such slackers when it comes to the...