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Episode #54: Last Four Loads From the Realms of Darkness 0

Episode #54: Last Four Loads From the Realms of Darkness

Rock-Lobster Johnson pinch-hits this month to discuss new albums from Sabaton, Darkher, and the Vivaldi Metal Project. SonOfOdin takes things into the gutter with deathgrind act Full Frontal Face Fuckers before gushing like a fangirl over Liv Kristine and her first band, Theatre of Tragedy.

Quick Shots #19: Lä Fire 2

Quick Shots #19: Lä Fire

SonOfOdin closes out SoMP Year 4 with a pair of releases from blackened thrashers Deströyer 666 and the experimental duet Zā Lä Thü, along with a bonus track from the technical deathcore band Within Destruction.

Quick Shots #15: A King's Misery 1

Quick Shots #15: A King’s Misery

September 2015 was "Take SonOfOdin’s money" month, and he features two of these albums with the newest symphonic/folk release from Leaves’ Eyes and the doom/death legends My Dying Bride. Crust/d-beat band Aggrenation closes the show on a more up-tempo note.

Quick Shots #14: Curious Pursuit 1

Quick Shots #14: Curious Pursuit

SonOfOdin is in a throwback mood this month as he checks out the newest album from the legendary Pentagram and then glorifies the Unholy One with some new occult goodness from Ghost.

Episode #40: The Plague's Catalyst Was A Heavy Thing 1

Episode #40: The Plague’s Catalyst Was A Heavy Thing

El Goro and SonOfOdin keep it all in the English language this month. First, SonOfOdin wants to see if Paradise Lost have returned to their heavy roots. El Goro then indulges in some weirdness with Nekrogoblikon and their newest album. North Carolinians Extinction Level Event bring the clank, and Mike...

Quick Shots #10: Aeonian Extinction 3

Quick Shots #10: Aeonian Extinction

Scheduling issues are prompting another delay of the main episode, so SonOfOdin looks at some newer releases from gothic metal legends Moonspell and technical death metallers Primordium.