Quick Shots #8: King of the Maniacal Depths

Quick Shots #8: King of the Maniacal Depths

SonOfOdin checks out some Utah epic metal with Visigoth and some Australian avant-garde folk metal with Troldhaugen. El Goro sees what UK metal legends Venom are up to these days.


Visigoth : The Revenant King (2015)
Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Visigoth deals in an epic traditional heavy metal style with lyrics centered around sword-and-sorcery guaranteed to get your testosterone pumping.
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Venom : From the Very Depths (2015)
England’s Venom came to prominence towards the end of the NWOBHM era. Their music was a major influence on thrash and extreme metal in general, and Cronos and his crew are still going strong to this day.
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Troldhaugen : Obzkure Anekdotez For Maniakal Massez (2014)
Starting life as your typical Scandinavian-sounding folk metal band, Australia’s Troldhaugen evolved into an avant-garde band who kept some of the folk elements but added things like swing beats, choral backing, and other weirdness to create a very unique kind of music.
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