Quick Shots #3: Earth’s Infernal Origins

Quick Shots #3: Earth's Infernal Origins

El Goro gets in on the action this time, reviewing Clutch’s newest album. Meanwhile, SonOfOdin listens to the newest albums from the multi-genre Eluveitie and the blasphemous V.R.P.I.


Eluveitie : Origins (2014)
Eluveitie is a Swiss band that plays a hybrid of Gothenburg-influenced melodic death metal and folk metal. Employing traditional instruments and the occasional clean female vocals, they have carved a rather unique musical niche for themselves over the years.
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Clutch : Earth Rocker (2014)
Clutch is a hard rock/groove metal band from Frederick, Maryland. The band formed in 1990 and has maintained a fairly stable line-up. Clutch employs a lot of blues influence into their sound and writes songs geared for a concert environment.
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V.R.P.I. : Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni (2014)
V.R.P.I. is a Mexican death metal band featuring current and former members of Necroccultus, Sargatanas, Ominous Crucifix, Supplicium and Leper Messiah. Their lyrics are Satanic in nature and the music calls back to mid-1990s Scandinavian death metal.
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