Quick Shots #19: Lä Fire

Quick Shots #19: Lä Fire

SonOfOdin closes out SoMP Year 4 with a pair of releases from blackened thrashers Deströyer 666 and the experimental duet Zā Lä Thü, along with a bonus track from the technical deathcore band Within Destruction.


Deströyer 666 : Wildfire (2016)
Originally a solo project from K.K. Warslut, Deströyer 666 relocated from Australia eventually to London, England where they continue their high-energy blackened assault.
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Zā Lä Thü : Zā Lä Thü (2015)
An occult-based music project from The Awakened One and Katera, Zā Lä Thü mixes element of occult and goth rock with doom and industrial metal for an experimental and unique sound.
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Bonus Song:

Within Destruction : Void  [BandcampAmazon.comiTunes]


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  • Sardonicus

    Æthyria was still just The Awakened One. The Awakened One started as black metal, then Æthyria was a black/death metal thing and it kept getting more death metal and experimental. Katera came in for Zā Lä Thü. I recommend the Zā Lä Thü “Serpent Power” as the first song to listen to. That’s the most accessible to most metalheads I think.

  • Sardonicus Yeah, The Awakened One himself messaged me on Facebook and corrected my misreading of the band history.  “Serpent Power” was on my shortlist of tracks to play, but I wanted to make sure some of the weirdness was present so folks knew what they’d be getting into.  Thanks for listening!