Quick Shots #14: Curious Pursuit

Quick Shots #14: Curious Pursuit

SonOfOdin is in a throwback mood this month as he checks out the newest album from the legendary Pentagram and then glorifies the Unholy One with some new occult goodness from Ghost.


Pentagram : Curious Volume (2015)
Possibly second only to Black Sabbath in terms of influence, Virginia’s Pentagram was one of the earliest doom metal bands. Despite vocalist’s Bobby Liebling’s substance abuse problems and numerous line-up changes, Pentagram has managed to survive for forty-plus years.
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Ghost : Meliora (2015)
Ghost are a Swedish sextet fronted currently by Papa Emeritus III with instruments by five Nameless Ghouls. Ghost plays a hybrid of doom metal and psychedelic rock featuring overtly Satanic lyrics.
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Bonus Song:

Kadavar : Thousand Miles Away From Home  [Amazon.comiTunesSpotify]


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