Episode #64: Prevail Over Grief at the Rebellion’s Apex

Episode #64: Prevail Over Grief at the Rebellion's Apex

It’s all about the ladies this month with new releases from Canadian bands Unleash the Archers and Kobra and the Lotus. SonOfOdin toys with your emotions in the second half of the show with steampunk-themed Japanese girl band Fate Gear followed by the Norwegian take on funeral doom with Funeral’s second album.

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More Murf:

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New Releases:

Unleash the Archers : Apex (2017)
The Canadian power/melodic death metal quintet was founded by vocalist Brittney Slayes and drummer Scott Buchanan in 2007. After self-releasing two albums, they caught the attention of Napalm Records and this is their second album under the Napalm label.
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Kobra and the Lotus : Prevail I (2017)
Kobra and the Lotus are a Canadian heavy/power metal band that started out on Spinefarm and then moved to Gene Simmons’s Titan Music before getting signed by Napalm Records. This is the first of a two-part album series with the label, with the second part expected within a few months.
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Local/Indie Band:

Fate Gear : OZ -Rebellion- (2017)
When Destrose split up in 2015, four of the members founded the band Mary’s Blood, while guitarist Mina assembled her own crew into the steampunk-themed Fate Gear.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Funeral : In Fields of Pestilent Grief (2002)
Funeral are a Norwegian funeral doom band formed in 1991. After releasing their debut album Tragedies in 1995, label and roster issues plagued the band for seven years until they were finally able to record this, their second album, brimming with the sadness and anger they felt during that span.
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