Episode #58: Together By the Power of Snake Ashes

Episode #58: Together By the Power of Snake Ashes

SonOfOdin flies solo this month, opting for new albums chosen by the folks in the Facebook Group. To that end, he looks at the newest albums from American thrashers Testament and Swedish melodeath pioneers Dark Tranquillity. The indie segment features Irish black metal from Aeternum Vale. Finally, Heavy Metal Valhalla looks at one of Dave Lombardo’s side projects, Grip Inc.

New Releases:

Testament : Brotherhood of the Snake (2016)
Formed back in 1983, Testament is an American thrash metal band from California and consists of vocalist Chuck Billy, guitarists Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick, bassist Steve DiGiorgio, and drummer Gene Hoglan. After 34 years, the band is still producing aggressive music.
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Dark Tranquillity : Atoma (2016)
When someone says “melodic death metal” the Gothenburg scene is usually the first to come to mind. Dark Tranquillity is one of the pioneers in this style, and their sound’s twenty-year evolution is instantly recognizable to most fans of the subgenre.
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Local/Indie Band:

Aeternum Vale : Ashes of Memory (2016)
Aeturnum Vale are a melodic black metal band from Ireland. With one full album released in 2013, the band are back with an EP to close out 2016.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Grip Inc. : Power of Inner Strength (1995)
When Dave Lombardo left Slayer prior to the birth of his first child, he wasn’t sure what kind of music to play. He hooked up with Voodoocult guitarist Waldemar Sorychta, bassist Jason Viebrooks, and former punk vocalist Gus Chambers to form the groove metal project Grip Inc.
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