Episode #56: Commanding The Catacomb Monsters At Yggdrasil

Episode #56: Commanding The Catacomb Monsters At Yggdrasil

The Fat Kid returns to the show, only to have SonOfOdin bludgeon him with Skálmöld’s newest release. The conversation takes a nerdy bent with Lordi’s monster antics and indie artist Unearthed Elf’s Dungeons & Dragons metal. Finally, SonOfOdin gets nostalgic and looks back to a time when Blackie Lawless was the Glam Demon from Hell™ on W.A.S.P.’s second album.

New Releases:

Lordi : Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy) (2016)
Lordi are a Finnish band who play a melodic hard rock/metal hybrid. Heavily influenced by KISS and GWAR, Lordi are known for wearing monster costumes and using horror elements and pyrotechnics in their concerts and music videos.
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Skálmöld : Vögguvísur Yggdrasils (2016)
Translating to "Age of Sword", Iceland’s Skàlmöld play a heavier style of Scandinavian folk metal, incorporating elements of death and black metal along with multi-dimensional arrangements to add new interest to a sometimes stale genre.
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Local/Indie Band:

Unearthed Elf : Into the Catacomb Abyss (2016)
Unearthed Elf is a one-man side project by Keith D. (Arctic Sleep) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Calling his sound "epic fantasy power doom metal," the Elf conjures power metal imagery over an epic doom musical style.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

W.A.S.P. : The Last Command (1985)
Representing the dirty and nasty side of the 1980’s glam scene, W.A.S.P. was one of the most notorious bands on the PMRC‘s hit list, and frontman Blackie Lawless embodied everything they hated. Despite the censoring of their debut, W.A.S.P. followed up with one of the strongest albums of their career.
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