Episode #55: A Silent Decision Made by Your Delirious Self

Episode #55: A Silent Decision Made by Your Delirious Self

The show is temporarily retitled "The Siblings of Metal" this month as SonOfOdin is joined by the Mighty English Valkyrie, Explodey Jo! We talk new albums from Sodom and Tarja Turunen, along with an up-and-coming Indian death metal act called Darkrypt. Jo schools SonOfOdin on his ignorance of one of the Peaceville Three with Anathema’s second album.

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New Releases:

Sodom : Decision Day (2016)
One of the "Big Four" of the Teutonic thrash scene, Sodom was formed in 1981 by Tom Angelripper. Their early works heavily influenced the black and death metal scenes of the day, and the group shows few signs of slowing down 35 years later.
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Tarja : The Shadow Self (2016)
Tarja Turunen is a three-octave soprano and was the frontwoman of Finnish symphonic powerhouse Nightwish until her dismissal in 2005. Since then, she has focused primarily on her solo efforts which range from neoclassical opera to symphonic metal.
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Local/Indie Band:

Darkrypt : Delirious Excursion (2016)
Despite their old-school Scandinavian influences, Darkrypt hail from India and not northern Europe. Employing strong riffs and shifting tempos, the four-piece are an excellent addition to the developing Indian metal scene.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Anathema : The Silent Enigma (1995)
One of the Peaceville Three, Anathema started their career in 1990 as a death/doom metal band before shifting their sound into more progressive and alternative rock territory.
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