Episode #54: Last Four Loads From the Realms of Darkness

Episode #54: Last Four Loads From the Realms of Darkness

Rock-Lobster Johnson pinch-hits this month to discuss new albums from Sabaton, Darkher, and the Vivaldi Metal Project. SonOfOdin takes things into the gutter with deathgrind act Full Frontal Face Fuckers before gushing like a fangirl over Liv Kristine and her first band, Theatre of Tragedy.

More Rock-Lob:

New Releases:

Sabaton : The Last Stand (2016)
Swedish power metal band Sabaton writes songs based on war and historical battles.
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Darkher : Realms (2016)
Darkher is a one-woman doom metal project by Englishwoman Jayn H. Wissenberg featuring haunting and somber crooning over Iommi-evoking riffs.
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Vivaldi Metal Project : The Four Seasons (2016)
The Vivaldi Metal Project was created by Italian keyboard player, composer, and producer Mistheria. The project is a symphonic metal opera based on Antonio Vivaldi’s concerti The Four Seasons and features more than 130 international artists, orchestra, a string quartet, and three choirs.
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Local/Indie Band:

Full Frontal Face Fuckers : Magna Cum Loade (2016)
Full Frontal Face Fuckers are a Belgian four-piece who play death metal/grindcore centered around gross sexual misconduct. They may not be highbrow, but with a name like that, you should know what to expect.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Theatre of Tragedy : Velvet Darkness They Fear (1996)
The Norwegian band Theatre of Tragedy pioneered both gothic metal and the beauty-and-the-beast vocal style in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Originally featuring Liv Kristine as the female lead, she was replaced by Nell Sigland in 2004 before the band broke up in 2010.
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