Episode #51: Dark Kingdom of the Rock Titans

Episode #51: Dark Kingdom of the Rock TitansEl Goro has ridden off to the land of TWORP, so SonOfOdin enlists The Fat Kid to review new albums from Iron Savior and Texas Hippie Coalition. SonOfOdin challenges TFK with indie act Slugdge, and TFK responds with making a case for Lordi’s entry into Metal Valhalla.

New Releases:

Iron Savior : Titancraft (2016)
Iron Savior is a German band formed in 1996 by multi-instrumentalist Piet Sielck and former members of Helloween and Blind Guardian. The band blends power metal with a high-concept science fiction story.
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Texas Hippie Coalition : Dark Side of Black (2016)
Hailing from a small town in Texas, THC plays a Southern-fried style of groove metal they call "red dirt metal" which is heavily influenced by performers like Molly Hatchet, Waylon Jennings, Pantera, and ZZ Top.
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Local/Indie Band:

Slugdge : Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms (2015)
Slugdge are a UK duo whose music is a constantly-mutating blend of extreme styles, including elements of sludge, death, doom, progressive, black, and thrash metal.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Lordi : The Arockalypse (2006)
Lordi are a Finnish band who play a melodic hard rock/metal hybrid. Heavily influenced by KISS and GWAR, Lordi are known for wearing monster costumes and using horror elements and pyrotechnics in their concerts and music videos.
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