Episode #47: Looking Thrice at the Circle of Revenge

Episode #47: Looking Thrice at the Circle of RevengeEl Goro and SonOfOdin check out new releases from the blackened progressive metal Norwegians in Borknagar and the pounding doom metal onslaught from England’s Conan. They also check out some eclectic instrumenal metal from a French one-man project called BizarrOtural and celebrate Black Metal History month with the blackened thrash stylings of Italy’s Bulldozer.

New Releases:

Borknagar : Winter Thrice (2016)
Borknagar is a progressive black metal band formed in Norway in 1995. Their style combines black metal and folk metal with progressive and melodic elements.
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Conan : Revengeance (2016)
Referring to their sound as "caveman battle doom", Conan is a three-piece English doom metal band known for their heavily downtuned sound and crushing riffs.
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Local/Indie Band:

BizarrOtural : Looking In A Mask (2015)
BizarrOtural is a French one-man instrumental project inspired by paranormal and supernatural events, created in 2015 by Ghost Wolf.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Bulldozer : IX: Circle of Hell (1987)
Bulldozer is a blackened thrash metal band from Italy. Although they often fly under the radar as influencers of black metal, bands like Darkthrone have named them as major influences in the sound.
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