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Quick Shots #21: Magic Vision 0

Quick Shots #21: Magic Vision

SonOfOdin is in a female-fronted doom metal mood this month with new fuzzed-out trippiness from Purson and Psychedelic Witchcraft followed by more traditional doom metal from Worship of Keres

Quick Shots #20: Eternal Gods 0

Quick Shots #20: Eternal Gods

SonOfOdin is in a blackened folk mood this month with new albums from Finland’s Moonsorrow and Austria’s Bifröst. The bonus track shifts the ancestry from Scandinavian to Celtic with Spain’s Briargh.

Quick Shots #19: Lä Fire 2

Quick Shots #19: Lä Fire

SonOfOdin closes out SoMP Year 4 with a pair of releases from blackened thrashers Deströyer 666 and the experimental duet Zā Lä Thü, along with a bonus track from the technical deathcore band Within Destruction.

Quick Shots #18: Final Karma 1

Quick Shots #18: Final Karma

SonOfOdin keeps it all closer to home this Quick Shots with some thrash goodness from Cincinnati’s War Curse and some Southern groove from Atlanta’s MuckRaker.

Quick Shots #17: Holiday Snow 0

Quick Shots #17: Holiday Snow

SonOfOdin gets into the holiday spirit with a pair of Christmas-themed metal albums from Corners of Sanctuary and Krampus Parade.

Quick Shots #16: Never Want Static 0

Quick Shots #16: Never Want Static

SonOfOdin shows some love to the ladies this time around with an all-female selection of albums from Huntress, Diemonds, and a bonus track by Mary’s Blood.