The Show

Every month SonOfOdin and a guest review four albums. Each of them chooses a recent release. Then, love is shown to the up-and-comers with a review of an independent/unsigned band. Finally, in the Heavy Metal Valhalla segment, they feature a classic metal release every fan should have in his/her collection.

The Hosts


SonOfOdinSonOfOdin is still fighting his small-town, conservative upbringing even into his 40s. Subsisting primarily on alcohol, schadenfreude, and a near-unhealthy obsession with actress Kate Beckinsale, he also has a heavy metal blog, The Metal Altar, where he reviews albums not covered on this show.
Born in the early 1970s, SonOfOdin was around to see many of today’s popular bands come into their sound. Growing up pre-Internet, however, meant a much more limited exposure to some of the more esoteric bands and styles.
Favorite Bands/Artists: Bolt Thrower, Metallica, My Dying Bride, Sabaton, Liv Kristine
Favorite Genres: Power Metal, Doom Metal, Symphonic Folk Metal


El GoroEl Goro (Episodes 1–50) is the metal-headed horror junkie and stuttering host of Talk Without Rhythm, a weekly movie review podcast. El Goro combines an insatiable passion for heavy music with the best knowledge that frantic searches on the Internet can provide, all filtered through the emotional maturity of a 12 year-old.
Born in the mid-1980s, El Goro has lived on two continents and came into metal during the file-sharing boom, giving him access to a much wider variety of music from the start.
Favorite Bands/Artists: Ronnie James Dio, Motörhead, Amon Amarth, Slayer, Carcass, Dethklok
Favorite Genres: Melodic Death Metal, Folk Metal, Thrash Metal


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