Episode #39: A Grave Death For The Blood Witch

Episode #39: A Grave Death For The Blood WitchEl Goro and SonOfOdin start the party off with a new folk metal outing from Korpiklaani. Once the booze starts hitting, it’s time to enhance the weirdness with some blackened avant-garde from Sigh. In the indie segment, they take their first trip to Indonesia to check out the death metal scene there with Exhumation’s second album. Finally, they return to Sweden to look at the prototype for both black and Viking metal with Bathory’s transitional album.

New Releases:

Korpiklaani : Noita (2015)
Korpiklaani are a Finnish folk metal band who actually started as a pure folk act called Shaman. Since converting, they have incorporated thrash stylings in with the folk metal, and mostly sing about drinking and Finnish mythology.
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Sigh : Graveward (2015)
Sigh is a Japanese extreme metal band formed in 1989. They are credited as being one of the first Japanese black metal bands, although they gradually shifted from a more traditional black/thrash metal sound to a more experimental, avant-garde style.
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Local/Indie Band:

Exhumation : Opus Death (2015)
Hailing from Indonesia, Exhumation play a classic, lo-fi death metal style with some East Asian flourishes, giving them a more sinister edge than most of the Suffocation/Dismember clones that come out of this region.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Bathory : Blood Fire Death (1988)
Bathory was a Swedish extreme metal band formed in 1983 and has the distinction of laying the blueprints for two subgenres: Scandinavian black metal and Viking metal. The band ended when frontman and primary songwriter, Quorthon (Tomas Forsberg), died from heart failure in 2004.
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