Episode #30: Pagan Opus in Front of the Sunset

Episode #30: Pagan Opus in Front of the SunsetEl Goro and SonOfOdin raid your booze cabinets with pirate metallers Alestorm before trashing your house to the death ‘n’ roll stylings of Entombed A.D. Then they see the Midwestern U.S.’s contribution to folk metal with Cincinnati’s Winterhymn. Finally, both of them revisit some early Swedish black metal with Marduk’s third album.

New Releases:

Alestorm : Sunset On The Golden Age (2014)
Scotland’s Alestorm is possibly the most-recognized pirate-themed metal band today and are responsible for bringing the keytar back into vogue. For their fourth album, they added a new member to aid them further on their drunken quests.
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Entombed A.D. : Back To The Front (2014)
Entombed pioneered the "death ‘n’ roll" style. When Alex Hellid left the band in 2013, the band’s original name could no longer be used, so the Petrov/Dahlstedt/Elgstrand/Brandt line-up added an "A.D." to the name and continued on.
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Local/Indie Band:

Winterhymn : Paganfest V Sampler (2014)
Hailing from the cold wastelands of Cincinnati, Ohio, Winterhymn has been waving the folk metal banner since 2009. This EP was originally a Kickstarter bonus for supporters of their Paganfest V touring expenses, but has since been released to the public.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Marduk : Opus Nocturne (1994)
Marduk is a black metal band from Sweden. They formed in 1990 and play a death metal-influenced version of black metal centered around Satanism, anti-Christianity, Biblical tales, death, and World War II.
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