Episode #26: Eat and Speak at the Noble Vatican

Episode #26: Eat and Speak at the Noble VaticanEl Goro and SonOfOdin keep it in the USA this episode. Steel Panther attempts to relive the glory days of glam, while Black Label Society keeps it serious with their brand of Southern groove metal. The Minnesotan quartet of Noble Beast injects a healthy dose of power metal into the indie segment, and then things devolve completely when S.O.D. crash the Valhalla.

New Releases:

Steel Panther : All You Can Eat (2014)
Steel Panther is mostly known for their profane and humorous lyrics as well as their exaggerated on-stage personae that reimagine and parody the glam metal scene of the 1980s.
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Black Label Society : Catacombs of the Black Vatican (2014)
Black Label Society is a band from Los Angeles, California formed by former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde. The band plays a hybrid of classic heavy metal with Southern blues rock.
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Local/Indie Band:

Noble Beast : Noble Beast (2014)
Noble Beast are a power metal quartet hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota. Pulling inspiration from a variety of sources, their music treads the line between traditional power metal and speed metal, with dips into thrash and NWOBHM.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Stormtroopers of Death : Speak English or Die (1985)
Scott Ian wanted to form a hardcore band based on a character he drew, called "Sargent D". Recruiting current and former Anthrax members and the Psychos bassist for vocals, their first album, Speak English or Die, was recorded in three days and gave birth to the hardcore punk/thrash metal hybrid now known as crossover thrash.
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