Side Stage June 6, 2013: A Tribute to Jeff Hanneman and Slayer

The Side Stage contains infrequent music-centric podcasts to hold you over between regular episodes.

R.I.P, Jeff HannemanOn May 2, 2013, heavy metal lost a legend in Jeff Hanneman, the guitarist and principal songwriter for the legendary thrash metal band Slayer. Join us as we celebrate the life and music of Hanneman and Slayer.

Track Listing:

  1. Slayer : Aggressive Perfector   [Get Song]
  2. Slayer : The Antichrist   [Get Song]
  3. Slayer : Chemical Warfare   [Get Song]
  4. Slayer : Hell Awaits   [Get Song]
  5. Slayer : Angel of Death   [Get Song]
  6. Slayer : South of Heaven   [Get Song]
  7. Slayer : Behind the Crooked Cross   [Get Song]
  8. Slayer : Seasons in the Abyss   [Get Song]
  9. Slayer : War Ensemble   [Get Song]
  10. Slayer : Divine Intervention   [Get Song]
  11. Slayer : SS-3   [Get Song]
  12. Slayer : Can’t Stand You   [Get Song]
  13. Slayer : Ddamm   [Get Song]
  14. Slayer : Love To Hate   [Get Song]
  15. Slayer : Screaming from the Sky   [Get Song]
  16. Slayer : Human Disease   [Get Song]
  17. Slayer : Disciple   [Get Song]
  18. Slayer : New Faith   [Get Song]
  19. Slayer : Flesh Storm   [Get Song]
  20. Slayer : Beauty Through Order   [Get Song]
  21. Slayer : Raining Blood   [Get Song]


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