Side Stage Oct 16, 2012: Horror Metal!

The Side Stage contains infrequent music-centric podcasts to hold you over between regular episodes.

The month of October is upon us, and so is that darkest of holidays, Halloween (or Samhain for you pagans out there)! Because El Goro and SonOfOdin have been such slackers when it comes to the Side Stage, King Amdusias rises from Hell in order to present some horror- and Halloween-themed treats for your ears.

Image credit: happy halloween by eschipul

Track Listing:

  1. Candlemass : The Sound of Dying Demons   [Get Song]
  2. Scaremaker : Demonic Infestation   [Get Song]
  3. Death : Zombie Ritual   [Get Song]
  4. Frightmare : They Were Warned   [Get Song]
  5. Paradise Lost : Gothic   [Get Song]
  6. Black Sabbath : Black Sabbath   [Get Song]
  7. Fondlecorpse : Halloween, The Night He Came Home   [Get Song]
  8. Timeless Miracle : Return Of The Werewolf   [Get Song]
  9. King Diamond : The Invisible Guests   [Get Song]
  10. Nightwish : The Phantom Of The Opera   [Get Song]
  11. GrimWolf : Full Moon Draw   [Get Song]
  12. Arch Enemy : Ravenous   [Get Song]
  13. Horrific : Death Rock   [Get Song]
  14. Iron Maiden : Fear Of The Dark   [Get Song]


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