Episode #20: The Spiritual Aftershock Of A Vulgar Cacophony

The Spiritual Aftershock Of A Vulgar CacophonyEl Goro and SonOfOdin start out with stoner doom/occult rock outfit Bloody Hammers. Then they check out the newest release from speed metal legends Motörhead. To get in the mood for Halloween, goregrind act Clawhammer Abortion fits the bill. Finally, they work out any lingering aggression with Pantera’s most successful album.

New Releases:

Bloody Hammers : Spiritual Relics (2013)
Although categorized as stoner doom, this North Carolinian quintet incorporates a lot of genres, including groove, gothic, and occult rock. With their second album, the band went with a faster tempo from their debut, further evolving their sound.
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Motörhead : Aftershock (2013)
Motörhead have never been just a band, they’re also a lifestyle. Lemmy and company show their staying power by putting out their 21st album that maintains the speed, swagger, and aggression the band has been showing for the past thirty-odd years.
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Local/Indie Band:

Clawhammer Abortion : Biological Cacophony (2013)
Formed in 2011 as a solo project, frontman Brady Humbert eventually recruited three other members for his Phoenix, Arizona death metal/grindcore act.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Pantera : Vulgar Display of Power (1992)
Peaking at #44 on the Billboard album chart, Pantera proved that, even in the era of grunge and alt-rock, heavy metal fans still had a voice. Blending eerie, surging grooves with thrashy speed metal riffs, Pantera created a bleak, oppressive disc that captured both ends of the metal spectrum without resorting to cliché.
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