Episode #18: Sworn To The Colony’s Revocation In 2013

Sworn To The Colony's Revocation In 2013El Goro and SonOfOdin start out the episode with technical thrash act Revocation. Getting their folk on, it’s time to see the new direction Turisas is exploring. Then it’s off to Denmark to check out a new symphonic Viking metal band called Heidra. Finally, it’s time to get some Gothenburg melodeath into the Valhalla with a classic In Flames album.

New Releases:

Revocation : Revocation (2013)
The music of Revocation has been described by many as a fusion of technical death metal and thrash metal. Their music consists of complex riffs and progressive guitar solos alternating between death metal tempos and hard rock grooves.
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Turisas : Turisas2013 (2013)
Often classified as "folk metal" Turisas defies traditional folk metal by adding symphonic and progressive elements to create unique-sounding sonic landscapes in their self-defined "battle metal" style.
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Local/Indie Band:

Heidra : Sworn To Vengeance (2012)
Heidra is a Danish six-piece inspired by the more melodic genres of metal. Their style incorporates the harshness of black metal, as well as the symphonic and melodic aspects of power metal and folk music.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

In Flames : Colony (1999)
Another pioneer of the Gothenburg scene, In Flames helped set the standard for melodic death metal. Their complex songwriting combined with a mix of harsh and clean vocals helped set the standard for the subgenre.
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