Episode #12: The Master Called For A Lateral Sacrifice

Episode #12: The Master Called For A Lateral SacrificeEl Goro and SonOfOdin check out some new releases from Finland and England in Gloria Morti and Saxon, and then travel to California to check out unsigned newcomers Oblivion and revisit Metallica’s last album with the late, great Cliff Burton.

New Releases:

Gloria Morti : Lateral Constraint (2013)
Finnish act Gloria Morti started their career playing fun-loving thrash, but time and lineup changes steered the music in a more serious and aggressive direction, culminating in a style resembling blackened melodic death.
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Saxon : Sacrifice (2013)
The English band Saxon was one of the most successful metal bands of the 1980s, especially in Europe, influencing many of the other well-known bands of the era. Still touring and producing music today, Saxon show no signs of fading away.
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Local/Indie Band:

Oblivion : Called To Rise (2013)
The California Bay Area maybe known mostly for thrash, but Oblivion bucked the trend, focusing instead on brutal technical death metal.
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Heavy Metal Valhalla:

Metallica : Master of Puppets (1986)
Speaking of the Bay Area, what needs said about Metallica? Considered one of the “Big Four” founding thrash acts, and despite lineup changes, internal struggles, creative misdirections, and other setbacks over the years, the band has survived. Their third album is frequently listed as one of the best metal records of all time.
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